We provide the following specialised services and products:

  • All alarm systems both wired and Government approved radio built sensor and panels.
  • CCTV systems specifically designed for major public buildings
  • Camera installations for high street stores utilising the latest tracking techniques.
  • Camera/monitor units to deter criminal activity in fast food outlets and stores.
  • Latest government approved black and white and colour radio operated CCTV systems for complexes and mobile sites
  • Mobile covert CCTV systems for government and public offices, stores and private offices.
  • For busy and fast turnover outlets uniquely designed systems to provide both a stock control and after hours intruder alarms.
  • Counter tills security recorder unit for management checking
  • Radio alarm systems for hospitals, mental health centres, schools and colleges and transport centres.
  • Specially designed systems for staff working in dangerous situations and a UK patented system to protect those working by inland and coastal waters.
  • Radio alarm systems for the protection of VIP visitors.
  • Door entry systems
  • Covert cameras for cash and ticket machines
  • Brand new LISS adjunct for CCTV systems providing management with a means of preserving taped evidence and greater protection of recording equipment
  • Central Station monitoring

Because of its unique position in the market LISS can adapt any of the above to suit individual requirements. All enquiries coming into the company are treated as special cases and clients can be assured they will receive personal and confidential attention whatever the problem may be.